The World of paper and mail processors is not so large but adopted solutions and customer needs in this area are of immense complexity and diversity. In addition, scientific and technological developments in this area closely influenced by dynamics of IT systems, make changes to address theese various solutions to be extremely fast.

Therefore, Ro Systec Group, supported by its foreign partners, as their sole distributor and representative in Romania, offers a wide range of equipment adapted and especially adaptable to meet any needs and boldest requirements of the customers. With the high-tech solutions and services offered by our foreign partners together with the high quality and safety service and maintenance offered by us, the worries caused by large volumes of paper and mail to be processed in a relatively short time and the complexity of these processes can be left aside.

We are a small-medium company, a "bunch" of ambitious and well-trained experts We are a committed team, working with professionalism and dedication to achieve our main goal: to build a solid and clean future for us, for our partners and our families.